This system offers everyone a simple payment plan consisting of a 20% deposit followed by two payments a month apart.
To put your invoice onto a payment plan, please follow these steps:

1.    Log into your account, if you have not already

2.    Click on “My Billing”

3.    Click on “My Invoices”

4.    Select the invoice you wish to put on a payment plan, and click on “pay now” next to that invoice.

It is currently not possible to put multiple invoices onto a single payment plan. That will be possible in the future, but in the meantime we are able to quickly and easily merge your invoices into one for you, so please let us know if that has not been done.

5.    Click on “put this invoice on a payment plan”.

The system will show you the plan’s payment dates and amounts. To confirm the payment plan, you will have to make the deposit payment. The system will then save your card details in an encrypted form that is not visible to any user of your account or system administrator, and will take the two remaining payments automatically at the appointed time. These payments will be taken on the Thursday of Week 2 and the Thursday of Week 6.

If you select the “Save card” option, you will also be able to pay other invoices later without re-entering the card details.