BlueScope Youth Orchestra - 2016 Europe Tour

As part of the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music's BlueScope Youth Orchestra's 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the Orchestra will be touring Europe from 8 to 21 April 2016. 

The Orchestra will undertake concerts in Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, notably taking part in the 26th International Music Meeting, an international music festival organised by the Veneto Youth Orchestra for the sole purpose of international and cultural exchange. This is the second time the BlueScope Youth Orchestra has represented Australia at this international event.

Over the two weeks the Orchestra will perform inside the Postonja Caves in Slovenia, as well as with students from the "Horvath Jozsef Art Education Institute",  the oldest music school in Hungary; the Youth Orchestra from the Glasbena Sola- Fran Korun Kozeljski Velenje, Slovenia, and the Castelfranco Conservatorium in Italy.

Other highlights will include visiting Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Salzburg, and other historical places, that have shaped the development of western classical music.