Jazz Orchestra - USA Tour Recap

The Wollongong Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combos just finished a 10-day tour of America that included performances at Disneyland California, San Francisco, and the Reno Jazz Festival in Nevada. Members of the band made lots of new friends when they shared performances at El Dorado High School in Los Angeles and Dixon High School in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They also attended workshops by some of America’s leading jazz educators at the San Francisco Conservatory and the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley.  As well undertaking eight different performances the band also took in the sights in Hollywood, Disneyland, rode the iconic cable cars in San Francisco, and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

At the Reno Jazz Festival the Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combos amasses eight “Superior” ratings from the judges for their outstanding performances. The judges and audience members were particularly impressed with the Australian content of our performances as the Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combo performed a number of compositions by Australian composers including our newly commissioned works by Jeremy Rose of The Vampires.