2019 Scholarships

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music is committed to helping musicians reach their full potential. With assistance from the University of Wollongong and supporters of our named scholarships, we award funding to young musicians from any musical genre who demonstrate commitment, with a focus on students whose financial circumstances mean they may not be otherwise able to fulfill their musical potential.

Named Scholarships

IMB Roger Soden Scholarship - for committed, high-achieving students - up to $2000 to be used for individual lessons

Noel Lamerton Scholarship - for residents of Shellharbour - up to $500 to be used for individual lessons

Conservatorium Concerto Award - for advanced students - winner must play in a Conservatorium ensemble in 2018/2019 (if applicable) - competitors will be required to register to perform in the Soloist Showcase Concert on 9 December and pay a fee (if using the provided accompanist) to cover some of the accompanist rehearsal costs - competitors must play one movement from a concerto or a similar work - up to $2000 ($1500 for non-ensemble instruments).

Conservatorium Scholarships

Conservatorium Scholarships may be awarded for:
•    Individual instrumental / vocal lessons
•    Group classes (including speech and drama)
•    Ensemble fees

Scholarships are awarded for a 12-month period only.

The maximum award available will be 50% of the cost of enrolment in one program. However, all scholarship winners will be expected to enrol in a Conservatorium ensemble where appropriate. If this is an additional enrolment then the scholarship award will also cover 50% of the ensemble fee.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship winners will be selected on the basis of one or more of the following criteria:
1.    Musical ability and potential
2.    Financial circumstances. Wollongong Conservatorium of Music does not set a family income limit, as to do so would take no account of an individual family’s circumstances. It is up to the applicant to make a reasonable financial case for support.
3.    Other family circumstances
4.    References. These will be sought directly from Conservatorium teachers and ensemble directors as required by the selection panel.
Please provide material that will assist the panel to assess the application against all relevant criteria from the list above. 
Scholarship winners’ progress will be monitored and evaluated. Further details of this evaluation will be given if a scholarship is awarded.

2019 Scholarship application terms and conditions

1.    Scholarship applications must be received by 18 November.
2.    Applicants must be attending school (K-12) in 2019.
3.    To apply for a named scholarship please select the name(s) of the scholarship in the appropriate place on the application form. To apply for a Conservatorium scholarship, simply select Conservatorium scholarship at the appropriate place. Applicants can apply for named scholarships and Conservatorium scholarships on the same form.
4.    A scholarship award panel shall be formed comprising the Chief Executive Officer, along with a number of Conservatorium instrumental/vocal co-ordinators. Views of other Conservatorium staff members may be sought to provide additional information.
5.    Students can apply for multiple scholarships, but may only be awarded one. If the panel deems that a student is suitable for more than one scholarship they will be awarded the scholarship with the highest value.
6.    If there is no eligible student for the named scholarships the money will be held over in trust until the following year.
7.    The Conservatorium reserves the right to refuse entry to the competitively awarded scholarships.
8.    Where a scholarship requires membership of a Conservatorium Ensemble, that ensemble must be part of the single-fee Ensemble Program in 2019.
9.    Scholarships may be split between multiple students if the panel cannot reasonably choose between them.
10.    Auditions may be used to assist the panel in separating students, but will only be used for this purpose (except for scholarships where auditions are specified). Should an audition be necessary, the use of an accompanist is optional.
11.    All applicants shall receive notification of the panel’s decision by 14 December.
12.    All scholarships awarded shall be applied as credits to recipient’s accounts on a pro-rata basis per lesson.
13.    Students awarded ensemble scholarships will be required to commit to the relevant ensemble(s) for the full year.
14.    The panel / adjudicator’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
15.    Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if the recipient’s commitment and / or progress is not deemed satisfactory or if the scholarship winner does not fulfill any of the terms and conditions of the scholarship as advised.
16.    Scholarship winners will be expected to attend at least eight professional concerts (two per term) in 2019.
17.    Scholarship winners will be expected to perform at least twice (once per semester) in our Performance Day series of concerts.
18.    Scholarships may only be used for the specific purpose outlined above and are not transferable. Scholarship are only awarded for programs at Wollongong Conservatorium of Music.
19.    Current and former scholarship recipients who have not met scholarship requirements for the current or earlier years are are eligible to apply for a scholarship in 2019 but their past record will be considered as part of the assessment process.