2018 Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 5 February – Sunday 15 April

Easter falls within the term, so the affected Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday lessons will be held in Week 10 of term, from 91-5 April.

Term 2

Monday 30 April – Monday 2 July

The Queen's Birthday holiday Monday falls within the term, so the last ordinary teaching day of term will be Monday 2 July.

Term 3

Monday 23 July –Sunday 23 September

No public holidays this term.

Term 4

Monday 15 October –Sunday 16 December

No public holidays this term.

2017 Regional Youth Orchestra NSW

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music is a member of the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums (ANSWRC). One great aspect of our membership is the opportunity available to our students to work with musicians from world-class orchestras including the Australian World Orchestra, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Regional Conservatorium students rehearse alongside 30 London Symphony Orchestra players in 2014.

Regional Conservatorium students rehearse alongside 30 London Symphony Orchestra players in 2014.

Regional Youth Orchestra NSW is about to commence activity for 2017 with a camp in July for existing members (as well as a handful of lucky players of oboe, bassoon, French horn and double bass - 6th grade and above who may be able to fill existing gaps). Please contact the office if you meet this description and would like to be considered.

For everyone else, please read on to get an idea about what the orchestra gets up to and get ready to audition once the process opens in the near future... 

Regional Youth Orchestra NSW (RYO NSW) is an audition-based youth orchestra for talented
students from NSW Regional Conservatoriums, providing opportunities to play and perform with other regional youth musicians, and to learn from leading conductors, orchestras and artists from Australia and the world in a range of projects each year.

The aim of RYO NSW is to annually audition and assemble a cohort of talented students to form a youth orchestra, with RYO members growing in experience from project to project.
RYO NSW was established in 2016 by the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums.

Regional Youth Orchestra NSW 2017 information:
• Orchestra Camp and AWO masterclasses - Sydney, July
• Orchestra Camp and ARTSTATE Performance - Lismore, November-December
• 2017 Application and Audition Process

RYO NSW Orchestra Camp and AWO Masterclasses – Sydney, July 2017

• 2-day Orchestral Workshop in partnership with Sydney Conservatorium
• Masterclasses in partnership with Australian World Orchestra
• Tickets to two world class concerts: SSO and AWO Chamber 8 Players

• Orchestral Workshop at Sydney Conservatorium: 8 hours of orchestra rehearsals over 2
days, led by RYO conductors Patrick Brennan & Adam Wills, rehearsing exciting symphonic
repertoire in preparation for RYO concert performance later in the year
• Sectional tutorials with visiting tutors
• Masterclasses with Australian World Orchestra musicians at City Recital Hall
• Tickets to two world class concerts: SSO conducted by David Robertson in Mahler’s 3rd
Symphony; and Australian World Orchestra’s Chamber 8 Players

Students arrive evening Sunday 23 July and depart morning Wednesday 26 July
Rehearsals, masterclasses and concerts: Monday 24 July and Tuesday 25 July

This activity is open to 2016 RYO NSW participants who are enrolled as a student at their regional conservatorium in 2017 – see attached list. (Please note this does not include elementary level players who were involved with the AWO Project last year). Students do not need to re-audition for this activity.

Places are available for players in full symphony orchestra. If there are more applicants than places, students will be chosen based on their 2016 audition rankings and on their contribution to the Artlands orchestral camp last year.

Students can also nominate to play in the AWO masterclasses for violin, viola, cello and clarinet. All students will attend the masterclasses, with selected students performing. Masterclasses may be possible for French horn and bassoon, but only if there are multiple students on those instruments – interested student may also nominate on these instruments.

The cost for this event is $360 per student, payable to the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums. This activity is a residential supervised camp. Regional Conservatorium staff will be in residence as supervisors. This fee includes student’s accommodation at Darling Harbour Sydney, all meals, all orchestral and masterclass activities, and both concert tickets.
Travel from student’s home to Sydney and return is not included. Students also need to bring an Opal card with credit for some train travel within the CBD.

Students who wish to apply for a place in this activity must complete the application form at the link given in the email by Tuesday 13 June. Students do not need to reaudition for this activity.

Once notified they have a place, students must accept their place and pay a deposit of $150 by
Monday 19 June and remainder of fee by 29 June.
Students will be notified if they have not been allocated a place due to more applicants than places.
Regional Youth Orchestra NSW

RYO NSW Orchestral Camp and ARTSTATE Concert Lismore

This activity will be very similar to the 2016 Artlands project, with a 3-day orchestra camp in Lismore culminating in a full concert performance as a key event in Regional NSW’s new state-wide conference and festival, ARTSTATE. Northern Rivers Conservatorium will be hosting RYO NSW for this event. For this activity, students will be selected from the 2017 auditions.

Students arrive Wednesday 29 November and depart Sunday 3 or Monday 4 December
Orchestral rehearsals: Thursday 30 November – Sunday 3 December
Concert: Sunday 3 December
Cost: to be advised

2017 Applications and Auditions – Opening soon.

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music will advise students when 2017 auditions open via this website, Facebook page and email newsletter.

All eligible regional conservatorium students, including 2016 RYO NSW students, must apply to
audition if they wish to be considered for selection for the 2017 RYO NSW Lismore project and
further RYO NSW projects to be held in the first half of 2018.

2016 RYO NSW students will be emailed directly when the application process opens.

Regional Youth Orchestra NSW is supported by:
Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums and
NSW Government through the NSW Department of Education

BlueScope Youth Orchestra - 2017 Regional Tour

Following the success of their recent Wollongong Town Hall performance alongside Steel City Strings, BlueScope Youth Orchestra will hit the road in April to present a program entitled:

Mozart and more....

Mozart Symphony No.40,
Overture from the Barber to Seville
Special guest appearance by piano soloist (and winner of the Conservatorium Concerto Award) Sarah Bradley playing the first movement of Mendelssohn piano concerto No.1 in G Minor.


Sunday 9th April 7pm in the Temora Town Hall, hosted by the Temora Shire Arts Council

Saturday 8th April 3pm in the Athenium Theatre Junee - Tickets $10 available at the door Includes a special guest appearance by the Riverina Youth Orchestra'

Monday 10th April 2pm in the Rutherglen Town Hall - Free Entry, Hosted by the Indigo Shire Council

Tuesday 11th April 11am in the Beechworth Memorial Hall - Free Entry hosted by the Indigo Shire Council

2017 Scholarships

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music is committed to helping young musicians reach their full potential. We award funding to young musicians from any musical genre who demonstrate ability, with a focus on students whose financial circumstances mean they may not be otherwise able to fulfill their musical potential.

Named Scholarships

IMB - Roger Soden Scholarship - for organ, tenor horn, clarinet or saxophone - up to $2000 to be used for individual lessons

Noel Lamerton Scholarship - for residents of Shellharbour - up to $500 to be used for individual lessons

Conservatorium Concerto Award - for advanced students - winner must play in a Conservatorium ensemble in 2016/2017 (if applicable) - competition will take place on 11 December from 9am - competitors must play one movement from a concerto - up to $2000 ($1500 for non-ensemble instruments)

Conservatorium Scholarships

Conservatorium Scholarships may be awarded for:
•    Individual instrumental / vocal lessons
•    Group classes (including speech and drama)
•    Ensemble fees

Scholarships are awarded for a 12-month period only.

The maximum award available will be 50% of the cost of enrolment in one program. However, all scholarship winners will be expected to enrol in a Conservatorium ensemble where appropriate. If this is an additional enrolment then the scholarship award will also cover 50% of the ensemble fee.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship winners will be selected on the basis of one or more of the following criteria:
1.    Musical ability and potential
2.    Financial circumstances. Wollongong Conservatorium of Music does not set a family income limit, as to do so would take no account of an individual family’s circumstances. It is up to the applicant to make a reasonable financial case for support.
3.    Other family circumstances
4.    References. These will be sought directly from Conservatorium teachers and ensemble directors as required by the selection panel.
Please provide material that will assist the panel to assess the application against all relevant criteria from the list above. 
Scholarship winners’ progress will be monitored and evaluated. Further details of this evaluation will be given if a scholarship is awarded.

2017 Scholarship application terms and conditions

1.    Scholarship applications must be received by 20 November 2016.
2.    Applicants must be attending school in 2017.
3.    To apply for a named scholarship please select the name(s) of the scholarship in the appropriate place on the application form. To apply for a Conservatorium scholarship, simply select Conservatorium scholarship at the appropriate place. Applicants can apply for named scholarships and Conservatorium scholarships on the same form.
4.    A scholarship award panel shall be formed comprising the Chief Executive Officer, along with a number of Conservatorium instrumental/vocal co-ordinators. Views of other Conservatorium staff members may be sought to provide additional information.
5.    Students can apply for multiple scholarships, but may only be awarded one. If the panel deems that a student is suitable for more than one scholarship they will be awarded the scholarship with the highest value.
6.    If there is no eligible student for the named scholarships the money will be held over in trust until the following year.
7.    The Conservatorium reserves the right to refuse entry to the competitively awarded scholarships.
8.    Where a scholarship requires membership of a Conservatorium Ensemble, that ensemble must be part of the single-fee Ensemble Program in 2017. Applicants who are not willing to join a relevant ensemble will not be awarded the scholarship and scholarships must be taken as described in this document.
9.    Scholarships may be split between multiple students if the panel cannot choose between them.
10.    Auditions may be used to assist the panel in separating students, but will only be used for this purpose (except for scholarships where auditions are specified). Should an audition be necessary, the use of an accompanist is optional.
11.    All applicants shall receive notification of the panel’s decision by 16 December.
12.    All scholarships awarded shall be applied as credits to recipient’s accounts on a pro-rata basis per lesson.
13.    Students awarded ensemble scholarships will be required to commit to the relevant ensemble(s) for the full year.
14.    The panel / adjudicator’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
15.    Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if the recipient’s commitment and / or progress is not deemed satisfactory or if the scholarship winner does not fulfill any of the terms and conditions of the scholarship as advised.
16.    Scholarship winners will be expected to attend at least eight professional concerts (two per term) in 2017.
17.    Scholarship winners will be expected to perform at least twice (once per semester) in our Performance Day series of concerts.
18.    Scholarships may only be used for the specific purpose outlined above and are not transferable. Scholarship are only awarded for programs at Wollongong Conservatorium of Music.
19.    Current and former scholarship recipients who have not met scholarship requirements for the current or earlier years are are eligible to apply for a scholarship in 2017 but their past record will be considered as part of the assessment process.

BlueScope Youth Orchestra - 2016 Europe Tour

As part of the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music's BlueScope Youth Orchestra's 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the Orchestra will be touring Europe from 8 to 21 April 2016. 

The Orchestra will undertake concerts in Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, notably taking part in the 26th International Music Meeting, an international music festival organised by the Veneto Youth Orchestra for the sole purpose of international and cultural exchange. This is the second time the BlueScope Youth Orchestra has represented Australia at this international event.

Over the two weeks the Orchestra will perform inside the Postonja Caves in Slovenia, as well as with students from the "Horvath Jozsef Art Education Institute",  the oldest music school in Hungary; the Youth Orchestra from the Glasbena Sola- Fran Korun Kozeljski Velenje, Slovenia, and the Castelfranco Conservatorium in Italy.

Other highlights will include visiting Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Salzburg, and other historical places, that have shaped the development of western classical music.