The ChiME program is dedicated to the exploration of music through singing, playing, moving, listening and creating. The ChiME curriculum is based on the latest research into early childhood education and is delivered by qualified, experienced teachers. With parent/carer participation, and no more than ten children per class, each child experiences the positive world of music in a fun, relaxed, supportiveand stimulating environment. Watch your child thrive and grow as they rise to each new challenge.


For children this is of particular significance as they grow and develop through childhood. Learning music improves a child’s approach to learning...It improves their literacy, numeracy, communication, organisation and problem-solving. It also enhances their personal confidence, gross and fine motor skills, and helps develop cooperation, collaboration anda sense of belonging and wellbeing.We all want the best for our kids...They deserve the best possible introduction to music.

The ChiME program has three main aims

1. To develop each child’s natural enjoyment and understanding of music.

2. To encourage each child’s participation in a range of musical activities.

3. To develop each child’s full potential.


The ChiME levels


1-2 years - 30 minute class (age at February of the year they commence)

2-3 years - 30 minute class (age at February of the year they commence)

The children build confidence and an appreciation of music through singing, dancing and playing simple percussion instruments and music games with their carer and friends. We aim to stimulate creativity and imagination and build a repertoire of fun songs to enjoy at home.


3 year olds – 45 minute class for 3 year olds who are not starting school the following year

The children develop their social (sharing, turn-taking) and concentration skills through a hands-on introduction to basic music ideas including melody, rhythm and structure. They enjoy the experience of singing, moving, listening, playing percussion instruments and music games with their peers and carers.


JaM-1/JaM-2 - 60 minute class for pre-schoolers in the year before starting school (this is a two year course to the end of kindergarten)                                             


JaM-S - 60 minute class for school age children who are new to ChiME: Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2. This is a one year course. Students are placed in similar age groupings.

Junior age Musicians (JaM) explore how sounds are made, develop an understanding of the building blocks of music, are introduced to simple pitch and rhythm notation and create their own music using their growing skills and knowledge.


Transition - 60 minute class for children who have completed JaM. This is a one year course.

Using skills developed in JaM, students try different instruments through the year, to find one they might like to learn. They spend three weeks each on various orchestral brass, strings, percussion and woodwind instruments, as well as guitar, keyboard, recorder, speech, drama and singing. They are then assisted in choosing an instrument, which includes our exclusive MISA questionnaire (Musical Instrument Suitability Assessment).

InTrO Year - 60 minute class for children in Year 3 or 4 at school with no previous ChiME experience

InTrO Year (Instrument Try-Out) is an exciting 12-month course specifically for students in Year 3 and 4 at school who have not done JaM.  It combines elements of JaM and Transition (see above). Students spend the year trying over 15 different instruments as they learn about the various music concepts. They are then assisted in choosing a suitable instrument to start learning.

Musical Instrument Suitability Assessment (MISA)

Once your child has completed the ChiME program they can be assessed using MISA and advised on the possible choices of instrument best suited to them. This assessment is free for ChiME students but is also available, at a small cost, to those not enrolled in the program.


To apply for classes, please use our online enrolment form and nominate your three preferred days.

Toddlers, Prep and JaM-1 classes are held weekday mornings and Saturday mornings.

JaM-S, Transition and InTrO Year classes are held weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Please apply for the level you think is most suitable for your child, we will use their date of birth and other information you have supplied to confirm the most appropriate level.

Please note: an adult must attend with your child throughout the ChiME program. Siblings cannot attend classes but a free on-site child-minding service is offered (subject to limited numbers) for siblings of children in the ChiME classes. If you have any further questions about placement, please contact the coordinator Janet Andrews on [email protected]